Welcome to Lightning Book Promotions, a small company devoting its time to help Independent and Small Press authors who need help spreading the news about their new books. Though I don’t want to limit myself to what type of genre I can accept, there are some that I will not do and that is non-fiction and military. (I try to read everyone’s books so I have to be interested in it in some way and those two genres do not appeal.) Contact me  and we can talk about things no obligations at

Publicist Services:

Each author might want something different done and so if  something you want help with is not listed just let me know what it is and if I can do it I will. Price: $115 a month

  • Press Release, author bio, media kits (media kits consist of your author bio, blurb of book, links to websites, and a Q&A)
  • Distribute press releases and media kits to online services (great for before your book has been released)
  • Promote your book on varies social media (from facebook to twitter, google+ to bookblog.ning)
  • Contact reviewers that will best represent your work.
  • If your book is digital I can send the reviewers the books (one less thing for you to worry about), but if it’s a print then I will send you the addresses.
  • Find radio interviews, blog interviews, features, guest post, etc.
  • Maintain websites, make blogs.
  • Schedule reviews with the reviewers (as you will see with some reviewers it could be up to four months before they get to your novel) I will try my best to get some to schedule a review around your release date.
  • Make advertisement banners for websites or blogs to advertise your novel.
  • Spotlight you on this website, its blog and my personal review blog.
  • Blog tour included

If you want to talk to me about something not on the list, then please contact me at and we can talk about what you need, the best ways I can help. I am always trying to find new places to promote your work and will continue to help you the best way that I can.

Clients I am working with right now with  are Mary Firmin author of Deadly Pleasure, Caron Rider author of Silver Knight, Danika Dinsmore, small press author of Brigitta of the White Forest and The Ruins of Noe. Kristy K. James author of Enza, Jackie Anto author of Backyard Horse Tales: Sox, Breeana Puttroff author of Seeds of Discover, L. Filloon author of The Binding.

I created blogs for both Mary Firmin and Caron Rider if you would like to check them out and

Blog Tour (al a carte):


Some might just want to do a blog tour so I have it available as its own package.

Blog Tour Includes

  • This features 10-15+ bloggers uniquely selected for the genre of your novel.
  • Custom made tour banner.
  • Tour page w/ schedule
  • Whirlwind of promoting on social media outlets.
  • Your author picture and book cover featured on the home page of Lightning Book Promotion.
  • Featured on both the blog for LBP and my personal review blog Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!
  • Guest post, interviews, reviews and giveaways.

For those who are new to blog tours, a blog tour is a virtual tour of your book on a variety of blogs. I pick out blogs that I think will best feature you book and show interest in your book, then receive the book, review it , and tour it on their post date. (Check out my current tours for a look at tour page)

To Schedule a tour contact me at

Other Services:

Book Trailers: This is all the rage right now. I can put together a great set of pictures, music and catchy lines to make great book trailers. $55+ (Link to the trailer I made for Mary Firmin’s book )

Cover Art Design: Readers judge a book by its cover and a poorly made cover will hurt the sales of your book. I have known some really great books, but if I didn’t know they were great I would never have given them a chance because I didn’t like the cover. It is easy to spot a self published book because they usually don’t have the elaborate design that most mainstream publishers have. I know a few cover artist and I can help you get a better design. (This will depend on the price given to me by the cover artist, est. of at least $100 or more)

Custom designed bookmarks, post cards, poster, etc. Swag packs are great for sending to reviewers when they agree to review your novel, especially if its print copy. I can design a great looking design for these promo items and upload it to a website that will print them off. $35

Author’s bio: Need an eye catching author’s bio? Finding it hard to write something a bout yourself? I know its hard to talk about yourself so let me write you a great authors bio to use in your press releases, media kits, etc. $35

I have a freelance editor that works with me on the editing side of things. One thing I can’t stress enough is having your manuscript properly edited by someone other than friends or family. My editor is an independent author herself so she knows the ends and outs of editing a novel and she would love to help anyone who needs their novels edited.

Editing service: One thing you want to do before publishing whether self-publishing or sending it out to publishers is make sure it is properly edited. Editing rates are based on how many hours it would take to edit the whole manuscript. $35 dollars per hour of work. (Contact Jody at for more information)

    • Structural editing – critique – Structural editing focuses on the ‘bigger picture’ elements of your book: plot, character, pacing, logic, voice, etc. After reading your work, I will provide suggestions on how any of these might be improved. It is then up to you which of these edits you choose to make.
    • Copyediting and proofreading – Copy editing involves tightening up your sentence structure, fixing repetitions and inconsistencies, and correcting grammatical, word usage, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. A ‘proofreading only’ option is also available, where I do not make any edits to your writing style; only errors are corrected.

It’s hard to estimate how much this would cost as it depends on the length of your novel as to how long it will take for her to edit your novel. It could be anywhere from 5-10hrs.  If you can send her the first three pages so she can see the condition of your novel she can probably give you a close time estimate so you can have a general idea of the cost.

Manuscript Formatting and uploading:

  • Are you having a hard time trying to figure out how to format you novel so that you can upload it to the different digital booksellers. Why waste valuable time when we could do it for you.  Sometimes it could take anywhere from 1-3hrs and sometimes even more when the computer is not cooperating or you just don’t understand what to do.  You could be starting a new novel while we format and upload your novel to smashwords, etc. $35 per/hr.
  • Print uploading can take a little bit longer than digital and can be a real pain. If you are wanting to upload yours to creatspace, etc for a print book it could take 3+hrs. $35 per/hr.

How do I accept payments?

I use paypal only as its easier for me to keep things organized.

Will you take payments?

Because I want all authors to be able to afford my services I am willing to split the payment into two payments if it is needed, but I prefer one payment. This can be negotiated.


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