Client Testimonials

“Like many authors, I love writing and enjoy the publishing process, but am not a natural at self-promotion. I met Stormi on Goodreads, and she organized a blog tour for my mid-grade novel. I was so impressed with Stormi’s work that even before the blog tour ran, I hired her to promote my YA historical fiction. Organizing a blog tour is more work than it sounds, and it’sgreat to have someone else taking care of all the details! Both blog tours went well, and I was able to connect with more bloggers than I would have if I’dtried to do it on my own. And I got some fantastic reviews out of it!

Stormi is enjoyable to work with, a very supportive person, and brings a lot of enthusiasm to the job. She ‘gets’ writers, and quickly understands your preferences and needs. She has the right balance of creative thinking and business acumen, and is always looking for newer, better ways of doing things. I highly recommend Stormi, and will definitely be hiring her to promote my next book!

(And anyone who would like to contact me personally to ask about the blog tours, or for a personal reference for Stormi, is more than welcome)

Proud to be a Lightning Book Promotions client!”

Jody Kihara author of White Witch Pond and The Frankincense Trail.

“Stormi Johnson of Lightning Book Promotions, came into my life when I had just released my first book, Deadly Pleasures. The publisher had created multiple websites and I did not have a clue what to do with them. Stormi to the rescue!!  She literally took over, created an incredible blogsite for me, monitored facebook page, published reviews and quotes from my book, and  made several connections with interviewers. With her constant care, Stormi has made me and my book a strong presence on the Internet. I could not have done it without her. ”

Mary Firmin, author of  Deadly Pleasures,


2 Responses

  1. I met Stormi on Goodreads. I quickly discovered that Stormi is a woman with giving, compassionate heart. When she found out that 100% of the proceeds from the first book in my series is donated to a charity that helps homeless families with children, she joined the Prophecy Project by donating a tour with Lightning Book Promotions. She organized interview and reviews and kept on top of everything. I know Stormi’s dedication to tours will help many authors in the future. I will always be grateful for her support and insight, her dedication to a cause to help others, and all the hard work and enthusiasm that helped my first blog tour become a success.

  2. I first contacted Stormi last year after hearing some good feedback about her. But since I still wasn’t finished with the first draft of my current novel, I was just seeking information for when it was ready. I was impressed with our email correspondence and kept her name handy.

    Fast forward to early 2012…

    I have been very impressed with Stormi’s professionalism and the way she kept me on track for my blog tour in late April and early May. She worked very hard at setting my tour up, kept me informed of her progress every step of the way, made many helpful suggestions and she was…thank goodness…very patient with my relentless stream of questions.

    If you want to know how pleased I am with the services and results I received from Lightning Book Promotions…I’m setting up another tour with Stormi for this summer when my newest book is released.

    I can’t recommend her, or Lightning Book Promotions enough. Thanks, Stormi! 🙂

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