New novel going on tour: The Way Through, a memoir by Amber Lisa

If you would like to participate in this novel please  let me know. I haven’t set a date as of yet but it will be probably March. The author will have print and digital copies available.

Book Blurb:

By the time I was eighteen years old I had survived years and years of emotional, psychological and physical abuse at the hands of my father a controlling, and often times, psychotic tyrant. Because of my father, I experienced starvation in a tent in Mexico, dehydration in a desert in Utah, hypothermia during a blizzard in Cleveland, a botched suicide attempt, and several bouts of clinical depression. (And I didn’t even mention the writing on the wall or the axe stuck in the front door. Oh it was a wild, wild ride for sure!)

Like so many who have suffered through childhoods filled with terror and trauma, I was determined to escape and create the kind of life that I had  always envisioned, one filled with stability, love, peace and happiness. Why was it then, that after following all the rules, after growing up, graduating from high school, college and even law school, beginning a career and starting my own family, I still suffered from a deep and profound sense of emptiness and grief?  Fear, pain, anger and depression seemed to follow me everywhere I went, no matter what my achievements or how successful I appeared to be. Was it me? Yes it was me. I kept looking outside for answers, but the answers weren’t outside. They were all inside of me. Always inside of me.

Finally, after suffering for years with clinical depression, I experienced a severe breakdown that forced me to turn around and face everything I’d been running from: fear, pain, anger, depression, grief. Everything I had tried to deny from my past, it came rushing over me like a tidal wave. At first it was overwhelming. At first I thought I’d drown in waves and waves of negative emotions. But no. I survived, and for a reason. I made it through for a reason.

“The only way out is the way through.” What do I mean by that? You”ll have to read the book to find out! The Way Through is my personal story about how I moved from a life filled with pain and grief to healing, health, peace and happiness. Finally I have found my way through! What is left to do? Now I want to show YOU!

About the author:

Who is Amber Lisa? I’m an author, teacher, and writing coach, who just absolutely loves what I do!  Got a book you need help with? Amber Lisa’s your go-to-gal!  Got anything that you need help with writing? Let me show you the way through! My spa is the right place for you  if you want to know more about writing, teaching, and self-publishing. Remember my motto, Read, Write and Relax!

*Content warning*

This novel contains a bit of foul language due in order for the author to portray things the way they were in her life.

If you enjoy memoir’s please don’t let the language turn you off from a real inspiring book about turning your life around and making something of yourself when you thought you had nothing to live for. It really was a very good read.

If  You would like to participate in this blog tour please either leave a comment or contact me at and please leave your URL so I can look up your blog.


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