Looking for bloggers for Rebirth, a Historical Fiction novel!

Most of us have heard in some way about the history of how the Jews took back their nation. Maybe you only know a little and would like to know more about how it happened. Well author Dave Longeuay has written a book all though it’s a fiction novel the event in the book are based on actual events.

I am looking for a select group of bloggers who like historical fiction and I have been told that it’s a novel that can easily appeal to those who are Christian, Jewish or those who read Secular novels. I am going to put this book on a blog tour in February but I am not sure of the exact date, but if you would like to be a part of this blog tour sign ups are starting now. Either leave a comment with a way to contact you or contact me at stormi@lightningbookpromotions.com.

About the book:

How did a scattered remnant of Jews rise to build a mighty superpower in the Middle East?

Fleeing his father’s anti-Semitic organization, Charles Devonshire journeys into the most volatile land-grab in history — Palestine. Charles pursues a beautiful but mysterious librarian, Gladia, who leads him into the elaborate Jewish underground. While joining their plight to reestablish a homeland, he falls in love her and faces painful challenges within their culture gap. In the midst of battling the hostile inhabitants who also laid claim to Palestine, he searches for clues of his own troubled past.

Can Charles pursue love, uncover his family secrets and avoid being trapped in the middle of the world’s longest feud?

Rebirth draws you into 1948, into a world of intrigue, espionage and anti-Semitism. Witness how ancient prophecies were fulfilled against impossible odds as Israel built a nation and defied skeptics. Journey through the precarious events that led to Israel’s miraculous rebirth on May 14, 1948. Experience the unrelenting pursuits of the most persecuted race, and how their renewed strength rebirthed their original language, customs and land cultivations after 2,000 years of desolation — an accomplishment no other nation can claim.

What people have said about Rebirth:

“Rebirth is a compelling novel which manages to perform the difficult task of being very entertaining and informative. The depth of characters allow the reader to experience the struggles of Israel’s birth, both personal and political.” –Rabbi Eric Tokajer

“I never gave much thought about Israel until I read Rebirth; Now I support them completely!” –Maryann Snyder

“A gripping story with surprises at each turn of the page!” –Joseph Mantosa

For a sample chapter and to watch the book trailer for this book please check out the books website: http://www.rebirthofisrael.com/#!

About the author:

Dave Longeuay has been writing since 1978. He started writing poems, lyrics and music, in his teenage years. In 1980 he founded Public Recording, and built a thriving multimedia studio, which became his sole source of work for over twenty years. He also wrote, co-wrote, and produced hundreds of popular songs for local musicians in Southern California, as well as numerous radio scripts for a wide variety of radio commercials and broadcast videos for his clients.
In 1989, he also wrote his first book, “The End Times.”
In 2000 he expanded his recording facility to accommodate video services. His writing skills broadened to write dozens of video scripts for a wide range of videos, including storyboard scripts for music videos, infomercials, commercials, and dozens of corporate products. His most notable independent work was writing, producing, shooting, and editing a documentary about missionaries. He personally filmed and directed the documentary in Uganda Africa, New Castle England, and Rosarito Mexico.
“I have a passion for writing and telling stories that will inspire people worldwide.”


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