Now taking on reviewers for the Cardsharp blog tour! January 22nd-31st, 2012

Lightning Book Promotions has a new blog tour and I would like to invite you to participate. It will be from January 22nd-31st and if you are interested please contact me at and I will put you on the list.

Cardsharp is an exciting adventure book  for children set in the art world. Escaping house fires and fighting daring  robbers is just the beginning for art researcher, Vincent Ward, and these  battles do little to prepare him for the exciting adventure that unfolds. An old  journal discovered at an auction in Rome puts Vincent on the trail of an  undiscovered painting by one of art history’s most notorious masters,  Caravaggio. But paintings this rare and valuable are sought after by more than  just collectors and galleries. Vincent soon finds himself on the run from a  brutal and lawless policeman, a gang of international criminals, and fighting  vicious pirates. There are stings, tricks and conspiracies around every corner,  and bullets flying from the shadows. Only The National Gallery, London is safe  for Vincent and the painting. But is there a way back? Get ready to be thrown  into the world of Vincent Ward, where getting through each day alive just isn’t  enough.


Vincent is the young James Bond of the art world!

About the Author:

Paul Oliver Westmoreland aka POW, is a debut Indie author who wants to  encourage young readers to learn about real subject through an exciting,  face-paced adventure. In Cardsharp, he is using the subject of art. For more  information about Paul please visit his website: .

Paul can give out either print copy or digital copy by way of pdf, nook, or kindle. If you would like to  participate in this tour please send an email with your URL to  and I will  add you to the list.


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