US Bloggers needed for a truestory/thriller novel

I have a book that is going on tour January 15th-22th, it is a book based on the true story about the author who wrote it. The author and I would love for you to be a part of this blog tour. Chris lives in Hong Kong and is wanting to promote his book in the United States and so we are looking for book reviewers who live in the US.

Chris Thrall left the Royal Marines to find his fortune in Hong Kong, but
instead found himself homeless and addicted to crystal meth. Soon he began
working for the 14K, Hong Kong’s largest crime family, in the Wanchai red-light
district. Dealing with the ‘foreign triad’ – a secretive expat clique connected
to the Chinese mafia – he had to survive in the world’s most unforgiving city,
addicted to the world’s most dangerous drug.

“Not since Richard Mason’s The World of Suzie Wong (Collins, 1957) and Han
Bangqing’s The Sing-Song Girls of Shanghai (Columbia University Press, 2005
[first published in 1892]) has a writer taken such an in-depth look into a
Chinese red-light district. ” -Susan Blumberg-Kason Goodreads reviewer

If you would be interested in reviewing this book please email me at Please contact me Nov. 5th as the books are coming from Hong Kong and I want to make sure all reviewers receive their books early enough to read them before the tour.


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