Guest Author: Lynn Hardy

I have always loved the written word – it provided a world for me to escape into when life was rough. I first noticed I had an aptitude for writing in high school. When a college English professor told me, “No editor will hire you because you can’t catch your own typos: you should find another major,” I took the advice to heart. However, without writing, college didn’t hold much attraction for me.

Years later, a marriage counselor asked me to write my earliest memories with as much detail as I could manage. Working full time, I would come in twice a week and hand her 10 pages, single spaced typed. After several months, Christine told me, “I’ve been asking clients to bring in Biographies for years, but this is the first time that I want to sit down with a cup of tea and see what happens next. You should consider something in the writing field.”

A few months later, I had a captivating set of dreams. I would often wake up laughing or with tears running down my face. I began expanding the dreams, which if you changed the order, made this beautiful story. Something inside me wouldn’t let go of these dreams. I wracked my brain – who could do justice to this wonderful story? Maybe Melanie Rawn, or Tad Williams would write it if I sent an outline to them?

I squared my shoulders, dusted off my keyboard, and began the journey to become an author. I stored my work in a computer file labeled “second job.” Working full-time, it took one year to write the first two books in the series as one manuscript.

That college professor would not have been surprised by the First Edition of Prophecy of the Flame released in 2008. It was quite a mess. But despite the numerous typos and an unprofessional looking cover, fans hunted me down through Amazon – I didn’t even have a webpage! Bless those fans. They gave me so much encouragement. They also let me know that the editor I hired didn’t do much more than use spell check.

We moved from Washington, DC to Boise in 2009. When the recession first hit, I was moved by the plight of the families across America. I always intended to start a charity to help families with children when my book was a NYT Bestseller and on the big-screen, but now the issue was becoming critical. My children had a warm bed to call their own, but number of kids that didn’t was on the rise – they couldn’t wait any longer.

I founded Agape Assistance in 2010 by donating 100% of the proceeds from the first book in my series to the charity. One month after Agape was certified as a 501(c)(3), Prophecy of the Flame – Book One reached #1 on Amazon Kindle, shortly after Book Two in the series released. In the spring of 2011, I released the Full Cast unabridged audio book of Book One – also donated to Agape. Created by a group of popular anime voice actors, now both fans and newcomers can hear the book come to life as every character jumps of the page with their own unique voice.

A producer in Boise found out that the proceeds from Book One in the series was going to Agape Assistance – there is now a full length movie now in the works. I have to admit, it’s not like Spielberg called. This is an indie director, but Chris Corey’s last film is in every Wal-mart and Target across the nation. Also, Chris has the distribution in place to launch the Prophecy of the Flame movie into every theater in the nation.

Hollywood companies are really supporting this project. A CG company is donating their computers, a green-screen warehouse has been given for our use, and another company is lending us some top of the line cameras. The guy who did the make-up for the Muppet Movie is on board and so is a Hollywood costume shop. In short, we have everything in place to make this Movie Project a real blockbuster. Everything except one thing – the rating (R, PG13, PG…etc).

In August, 2011, I began a Facebook campaign for the Movie Project. My goal is to get as many people as possible to like the Prophecy of the Flame movie page. With the world looking, the MPAA won’t be able to deny us our rating.

The road has been longer and more complicated than I would have ever guessed–not always smooth, but filled with wonderful surprises. Like most stories, I’m sure that this journey has only just begun.

Prophecy of the Flames will be going on tour with Lightning Book Promotions in January. If you are interested in this tour and willing to read a ebook (pdf. file) I would love to have you be apart of this tour.


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