Bloggers needed for The Frankincense Trail by Jody Kihara

Lightning Book Promotions is  organizing a blog tour for a YA historical adventure novel. I am looking for bloggers with 250+ followers, who likes historicals, and are available for the dates of the tour.

The author and I would love for you to join us on the blog tour, November 1st-10th. We will be provide you with a digital or print copy of the book to review during the month of September. Jody is also available for interviews for your blog.

If you are interested in being a part of the tour, please contact me at and I will put you on the list.

The Frankincense Trail, by Jody Kihara – Synopsis

In 200BC, frankincense was worth its weight in gold, making Arabia was the envy of the world. But wealth comes at a cost: the precious resin had to be transported along the Frankincense Road, a dangerous route through rocky mountains and barren desert.

Alia is a princess in a dwindling kingdom that lies on the Frankincense Road. Having grown up hearing tales of Bilqis, the Queen of Sheba, she dreams of finding a way to restore her kingdom’s former might. When a caravan journeying to the mysterious incense lands stops to take on travelers, she sees her chance.

She soon realizes, however, that her trust in the caravan leaders has been misguided. They are not mere incense merchants, but traitors and mercenaries. Alia’s journey soon turns from dangerous to life-threatening.

The Frankincense Trail is a story that transports the reader to a time and place reminiscent of the Arabian Nights tales.

Here is the author’s website, where you can find out a lot more the author and her books. The Frankincense Trail also has a website, where you can find out more information about the book, watch the book trailer, etc.:

If you’d like to join the blog tour, please can you reply to me by September 10th, 2011.

(Jody Kihara lives in Canada, so although the author has a limited number of print copies, international shipping rates are very high, so we’d prefer to provide e-books unless you don’t have an e-reader.)


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  1. […] Lightning Book Promotions is organizing a blog tour for The Frankincense Trail in November, and we’re looking for reviewers. If you have a book review blog with 250+ followers, like YA historical fiction, and are interested in participating, please contact Stormi (details in her post). She’ll provide you with a copy of the book to review, and will be happy to promote your blog in return. […]

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